TimeAttend: Track Time, Attendance & Assets with the TimeAttend Cloud.

A secure website with comprehensive reporting & time attendance information. Learn more...


Wireless wall unit & key fob

ScanLogik wall mounted units are perfect for quickly and easily recording staff time and attendance at larger sites. Read more »


Clock in by phone or mobile

Your staff can use any type of phone, chosen by you, at any location that you decide. Read more »


Track your assets via GPS

TracLogik allows you to track anything you choose, anywhere, anytime, via the internet, right out of the box. Read more »

Secure & Reliable

The TimeAttend Cloud is a secure website based on our own software that is available worldwide 24/7.

Detailed Reporting

A comprehensive control panel with detailed reporting for individuals, teams, sites and whole regions.

Highly Cost Effective

Our system has been designed to be easy to install and run. This allows us to provide our customers the most competitive pricing.

"We adopted the TimeAttend FoneLogik system last November to monitor staff time and attendance across multiple remote sites. We are delighted with the results. It has completely eradicated the need for time-sheets and cut down administration time dramatically in preparing monthly wages. TimeAttend personnel have been extremely responsive and pro-active in helping us implement the system which is incredibly easy to set up and use."

Cleaning Manager
Phosters Group