Time & Attendance Monitoring Systems

We offer a complete suite of Time Attendance Systems to capture staff attendance information from any location.

Effortlessly control your Time Attendance System via theTimeAttend Cloud which is available at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

The TimeAttend Cloud

The TimeAttend Cloud is a secure website which gives you instant access to all the reports and time and attendance information that you could possibly need.

ScanLogik, FoneLogik and TracLogik all report back to the Cloud which is included as part of your package.

The TimeAttend Cloud


Wireless wall unit & key fob

ScanLogik wall mounted units are perfect for quickly and easily recording staff time and attendance at larger sites. Read more »


Clock in by phone or mobile

Your staff can use any type of phone, chosen by you, at any location that you decide. Read more »


Track your assets via GPS

TracLogik allows you to track anything you choose, anywhere, anytime, via the internet, right out of the box. Read more »

Benefits of our Web Based Time Attendance system

It has been designed from the ground up to give you effortless control of your web based time and attendance system. Below are just some of the benefits however if you require any further information contact us direct today on 0800 471 4712

  • Automatically calculate hours worked and wages earned
  • Instant ‘Real-Time’ information
  • Detailed and flexible reporting
  • Easy export to payroll and accounting software
  • Absence alerts to managers’ email and mobile phones
  • Leave calendars for holiday, sickness, maternity, paternity etc.
  • Reporting for individuals, teams, sites and whole regions

Having used the TimeAttend suite of products for 2 years now, we find the system extremely useful for tracking the true number of hours our employees are spending on each contract.

Support Manager
DOC Cleaning Limited