TimeAttend was launched over 8 years ago with a set of core principles that have remained unchanged to this day.

A time and attendance system that is:

 Easy for anyone to use

 Fast and simple to implement

 Fully featured and flexible

 Hugely cost effective

The system was initially designed to cater specifically for the contract cleaning industry.

It has now evolved into a comprehensive time and attendance suite used internationally by a wide range of different businesses and industries, both small and large.

We appreciate how important seamless integration will be to your business. ScanLogik wall units are active onsite within 2 minutes and the FoneLogik system can be rolled out in just a matter of seconds. All staff need to do is phone the FoneLogik number and enter their pin codes to start recording attendance.

ScanLogik allows a clock in or out every second and can cope with literally hundreds of staff arriving and leaving every day. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements further and we can guide you towards the best solution.

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